Empire Calf Ranch

Empire Calf Ranch, LLC (ECR) is a 52,000 head capacity calf ranch designed to provide Cattle Empire with Holstein steers to be fattened for beef. The calf ranch is a facility which gathers one day old Holstein bull calves, nursing and caring for them for 6 months until they are strong enough and big enough to go to one of the Cattle Empire's feedlots. ECR had its beginnings in 2006 when we started gathering bull calves from the local dairies. In 2008 we began construction of Empire Calf Ranch and a 24,000 head facility consisting of 12,000 head of calf hutches and 12,000 head of pens which went into operation in December of 2008. An additional 12,000 head of hutches for day-old calves was added in 2010 and 14,000 head of open lot pens were added in 2012.

During their time at ECR, the calves are fed both a grain ration and bottles of milk. ECR calves are all age and source verified and under our watchful eyes their entire lives. This enables us to provide a consistent ration and living environment, thus increasing the health of the calves and providing a strong healthy animal to be fed at our feed yards.

Contact: 620-276-3446

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