Like many in agriculture, Paul Brown has worked hard his entire life. From the oil fields in high school to wheat farming during a drought to building an Empire; every day provides an opportunity to live by the motto “nothing but a square deal.” During the 1950s Paul and wife Evelyn had a growing family and no wheat crop from 1952 to 1958. This extreme drought brought out Paul’s creativity – he was searching for diversification. He tried everything, but the idea that stuck was cattle. Paul began buying and feeding cattle in 1950 and was a one-third partner in what would become Cattle Empire #1 by 1978. At that time Yard #1 was a 4,000 head yard built for custom feeding lightweight cattle.

Shortly after Paul took over day-to-day management of Cattle Empire, his son Rex started managing the farm and Paul leased a nearby yard, Cattle Empire #2, The Ranch. In 1991, Paul and son Roy defended Cattle Empire and its customers in a cattle fraud case that exemplifies Paul’s values. He had every customer reimbursed within 30 days. This commitment to the customer service and honesty embodies Paul’s philosophy of life and business and is still part of Cattle Empire today. After that, customers flocked to Cattle Empire and feeding capacity exploded. Roy joined the business in 1995 adding a third yard to Paul’s two.

Today, with Roy as our CEO and a one time capacity of nearly 200,000 head at 4 feedyards, Cattle Empire is one of the largest family-owned and -operated feedyards in the United States.