Yard #2

Joe Longoria

Yard #2 is the largest Cattle Empire facility with a one-time occupancy of 84,500 head. It started out as a grower yard facility, which Paul Brown started leasing in 1988. It was purchased by Cattle Empire in 1990 and was expanded in 1991 thru 1996, 2001 thru 2005, 2007 and 2009. New fully automated batch mills were constructed at Yard #2 in July of 1996 and February 2001 to accommodate the pen expansions.

Yard #2 has become to be known as "the Ranch" and currently is full of hand raised Holstein steers from Empire Calf Ranch, the yard Foreman is Joe Longoria, our second longest term employee with over 30 years at Cattle Empire. It houses the main office which is centrally located among the Cattle Empire feedyards and houses all of the Cattle Empire administrative staff and our Risk Management department. All purchases and sales of commodities and cattle for all of the Cattle Empire feedyards are accomplished out of the main office. The main office also houses Cattle Empire's upper management, as well as Feedyard Operations Manager, Nick Chesnut and Yard Foreman of Yard #2, Joe Longoria. The Ranch serves as the center for all team management activities and is the hub of all Cattle Empire business activities.

Contact: 620-649-2235

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