Risk Management

The Risk Management Team (RM Team) provides centralized purchasing, logistics and execution for all Cattle Empire's feeding locations. RM Team provides support, research and analysis for customer and Cattle Empire risk projects and positions. RM Team focuses on enterprise margin maximization through hedging input costs: corn, protein, energy, interest rates, etc... and hedging gross revenue through CME Live Cattle Futures, options, OTC products, spreads and basis trading.

Matt Selee, Risk Management Director

Core Responsibilities:

  • Supervise grain and feed purchasing
  • Oversee risk management positions
  • Coordinate risk and analysis project management

Wayne Lee, Risk Manager

Core Responsibilities:

  • Cattle RM - Customer and Company owned cattle risk positions and risk management
  • Forage RM - Purchase and logistics for all forages

Contact Information

Office: 620-649-2235
Fax: 620-649-2218

Matt Selee
mselee [at] cattle-empire [dot] net

Wayne Lee
wlee [at] cattle-empire [dot] net