Why did we decide to blog?

December 10, 2013

Why did we decide to blog?

We blog because we love cattle and education.

We blog because we want to share with the outside world what it truly means to care for animals while showing how feedyards and family farms run.

At Cattle Empire, the care and wellbeing of our animals is our number one priority. We do everything within our power to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere so they can grow to their potential and become the nutritious protein you serve to your family and we serve to ours.

We want to become an active part of the conversation surrounding animal agriculture, so that we can build and maintain a relationship with you, our fellow beef-eaters, learning the concerns, wants and desires involving your food. A relationship will create the space to hopefully answer some questions from you and give us the opportunity to ask some as well.

We take sustainability and animal welfare very seriously. In order for our business to continue for more of our family’s generations, we have to put these things first. If we don’t care for our animals properly or maintain our land so they will keep producing we won’t be around much longer.

Here is a quick bio from each of our blog contributors:

Trista Brown– Vice President

Hi! I am Trista Brown, Vice President of Cattle Empire. I have worked for CE off and on my entire life. I grew up in Satanta, Kansas, I graduated from Satanta High School and attended Kansas State University where I earned dual degrees in Business Management and Marketing. After graduation I came back to Cattle Empire and managed our Boumatic dealership, Empire Repair Services while also serving as Assistant Manager for Empire Calf Ranch for almost two years. After that, I went back to K-State and earned my Masters in Business Administration, emphasis on Agriculture Economics and Finance. Since then I have been focusing my time learning about day to day operations of feed yards as well as Empire Calf Ranch.

I think the beef industry has a long way to go with helping beef-eaters understand where their beef comes from; how we raise it, what environmental and economic impacts we have and what we are doing every day to grow. I am dedicated to this pursuit not only because it is important people trust us beef producers but also because I am proud of what we do. I don’t want to have any hesitation or doubt in my mind about beef’s viability and influence throughout the world. Beef is not just my (or my families) jobs. It is our passion.  

Personally, I am engaged to be married April 26, 2014! My Fiancé John and I live together with our two dogs, Amelia and Madeline. I am a die-hard K-State and Green Bay Packers fan. When I am not working or watching football, I like to run, cook and travel!

Alycia McClure– Communications Coordinator

Hello, my name is Alycia McClure, the Communications Coordinator at Cattle Empire. Working for CE since 2010 has significantly broadened my hands on education of feedyard operations. I started in the Risk Management department, trading futures and working with cattle pricing projections. The more involved I became with CE, the more I realized the need for transparency in the beef industry, giving me the opportunity pursue my passion of sharing the beef story.

I grew up on a crop farm in Ohio where we also had a cow calf herd. Raised in family agriculture, animals and producing crops for food were more than a way to provide for the family, it is our way of life. Did you know that 98% of all farms are family owned and operated? I also believe that being an active participant in groups like 4-H and FFA were a significant stepping stone leading my career.

On a personal note, my husband and I are expecting a bouncing baby boy in February of 2014. For fun we really enjoy camping and anything sports related. My husband also enjoys entering meat smoking competitions and has won several awards, it’s an all hands on deck affair and we have a great time cooking together!

I really hope we can connect with our readers in a way that makes you feel comfortable with the way that we, at Cattle Empire, raise our animals. A cow’s welfare, food safety and consumer comfort are our biggest priorities. Please feel free to always ask us any questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by!

Dr. Dave Sjeklocha, DVM– Director of Animal Health and Welfare

Dr. Dave joined the Cattle Empire team in 2011 after serving as our consulting veterinarian for several years. His goal is to provide the most effective animal health and animal welfare programs for our cattle. In recent years, beef consumers have become more concerned about where their food comes from and how it is raised. We believe you should have confidence in the food you eat, which means you need to have confidence in us. Americans want to know, for instance, how antibiotics are used and how the animals are treated while they are being raised for beef. We at Cattle Empire are leaders in developing strict antibiotic usage guidelines and in animal welfare training of our employees. We work closely with the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University and use the online employee training modules to assure our employees are certified in Beef Quality Assurance and Animal Welfare.

Follow our blog for an insider’s look at how raising cattle for beef really is.


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