Congratulations On Your Nomination, Calie!

By Alycia McClure on March 9, 2015

As the Assistant Foreman at Empire Calf Ranch, Calie Kalkowski (say that ten times fast), is responsible for maintaining the milk and feed rations as well as overseeing appropriate and timely care of our calves. ECR is a 52,000 head capacity calf ranch designed to provide Cattle Empire with Holstein steers to be fattened for beef. The calf ranch is a facility which gathers one day old Holstein bull calves, nursing and caring for them for 6 months until they are strong enough and big enough to go to one of the Cattle Empire's feed lots. Learn more including a video about ECR HERE.

“I grew up on our family ranch in Niobrara, Nebraska, the ranch has been in our family for over a 100 years and I am the sixth generation. We are primarily commercial cow/calf operation. We have also raised sheep, goats, and buffalo.

I graduated from Niobrara High School in 2009 and went on to attended college at South Dakota State University. I graduated in the winter of 2012 with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Agriculture Business. At SDSU I was involved in the rodeo and block and bridle clubs. I also had the opportunity to represent SDSU as the 2011 Rodeo Queen.

 I have been working for Cattle Empire since May 2013. For fun I like to train and ride horses, rodeo, and craft. Something other personal would be that I just have a strong passion for agriculture and feel that it is something that we need to keep improving and promoting.”

Recently Calie was nominated by the Kansas Livestock Association to participate in the 2015 Young Stockman’s Academy.

The Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) is a trade association representing 5,600 members on legislative and regulatory issues. KLA members are involved in all segments of the livestock industry including cow-calf, feedlot, swine, dairy and sheep. Dues paid by the membership fund legislative, educational and communications activities.

The 2015 KLA Young Stockmen’s Academy (YSA) class consists of 21 participants from across the state of Kansas. Merck Animal Health is partnering with KLA to host members in their 20s for a series of four seminars throughout the year.


     YSA members will be exposed to the importance of KLA’s voice in the legislative process, producers’ responsibility as agricultural advocates, the need for progressive livestock operations and how other industry segments, including animal health suppliers and agribusinesses, fit into the food chain. They also will participate in KLA’s policy-making process.

(Information and pictures about KLA ad YSA was used form the KLA website, find more informationHERE.)

Calie, your dedication to the Cattle Empire team is exceptional and much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to enhance your knowledge and networking within Kansas agriculture. Congratulations on your nomination and we look forward to learning more throughout the year.

Previous Cattle Empire employees who have participated in the Young Stockman’s Academy are Trista Brown, YSA 2010, and Alycia McClure, YSA, 2012


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