Empire Calf Ranch Safety Milestones

March 2, 2018

Empire Calf Ranch is proud to recognize three departments for outstanding progress in safety. Two departments celebrated one year without a lost-time injury. Those departments were the mill department led by Supervisor Luis Martinez and Assistant Supervisor Camilo Medina and the yard maintenance department led by Supervisor Jesus Gutierrez and Assistant Supervisor Pascual Tapia. The feed department celebrated two years without a lost-time injury. The feed department is led by Supervisor Miguel San Juan and Assistant Supervisor Leon Meza.

“Cattle Empire takes employee safety very seriously, and we are working hard to continually improve in this area,” said Safety Director Chris Atwater. “Training and leadership are two key ways that we can make progress, so we want to honor those leaders and teams who step up to make safety a priority and reach these milestones. We look forward to many more achievements to come by these dedicated teams.”

The entire team at Empire Calf Ranch has been 123 days without a lost-time injury with these three departments setting the bar high to continue raising that number.

Pictured L to R: Leon Meza (Feed Asst. Supervisor), Miguel San Juan (Feed Supervisor), Jesus Gutierrez (Yard Supervisor), Wes Davis (Manager), Marco Vega (Site Safety Technician), Chris Atwater (Safety Director), Luis Martinez (Mill Supervisor), Camilo Medina (Mill Asst. Supervisor), and Pascual Tapia (Yard Asst. Supervisor). 


Luis Martinez & Camilo Medina lead the Mill Department. 


Jesus Gutierrez & Pascual Tapia lead the Yard Maintenance Department. 


Miguel San Juan & Leon Meza lead the Feed Department.


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