These samples are provided for review and illustration only. Agreements and Terms are subject to change. Please contact RM Team for any negotiations and agreements.

Dry Corn

Cattle Empire (CE) flakes and feeds dry corn. Receiving moisture maximum is at 16.5%. See example forward delivery contract and discount schedule for more information.


Cattle Empire (CE) feeds corn silage. Moisture ranges going into the pit are 62% - 68%. 

Oat Hay

Cattle Empire (CE) feeds oat hay. Moisture ranges going into the barn are less than 19%.

Nitrate levels need to be less than 1200 ppm.

These are the sample PDF files for the written grain commitments.

Contracting options for dry corn:

- Forward Delivery Contract

- Fixed Basis Contract

Maximum moisture for dry corn is 16.5%.

Contracting options for high moisture corn:

- Forward Delivery Contract

- Fixed Basis Contract

- Written Commitment

- 7-Month Pricing Program

Corn Checkoff

The Kansas Corn Commission is a grower-funded, grower governed advocacy

organization working to secure the future of Kansas corn. The state corn checkoff invests a half-cent per bushel in the areas of research, market development, promotion and education.

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