About Us

Cattle Empire, LLC has earned a reputation in the cattle feeding industry as being honest, ethical, innovative and top-notch cattle feeders. This standard started with founder Paul Brown and continues to this day through the management of Roy Brown, Dr. Tim Murphy, Lucas Christensen and Trista Brown Priest. Cattle Empire has always specialized in the feed and care of lightweight calves. Our experience of taking care of lightweight cattle has become enhanced even more with Cattle Empire's operation of Empire Calf Ranch where we care for day-old calves up until they are big enough to come into the feed yards. The experience and knowledge we have learned in taking care of an animal from the first day cattle arrive until harvest makes us uniquely qualified to care for your cattle. At Cattle Empire we not only have the economies of scale to provide our customers with a competitive priced ration but we can also offer other advantages such as risk management, financing and the largest BVD/PI free feeding facilities in the United States.

Experience the difference of family-fed beef, and contact us today about retaining ownership of your cattle and feeding with Cattle Empire.