Cattle Feeding Services

Financing Information

Cattle Empire, LLC thrives on building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. We know our cattle and feed financing package is highly competitive within the cattle industry and...

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Grain/Forage Supplier Services

Directions and Map

Get directions and view a map of the Cattle Empire locations.

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Grain Bids

See grain bids by location and commodity.

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Scale Information

See scale hours and information.

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Contracting Grain Delivery

Commitments, these samples are provided for review and illustration only. Agreements and Terms are subject to change. Please contact RM Team for any negotiations and agreements. Corn checkoff, the Kansas Corn Commission is a grower-funded, grower-governed advocacy organization working to secure the future of Kansas corn.

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Grain Department

The Grain Department manages contract application and accounts payable for all grains and feed ingredients purchased for Cattle Empire. We work with commercial vendors as well as farmers to...

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